Mission Statement


To provide handcrafted flannel blankets with Words of Affirmation to children toddler to teen who are being removed from dangerous environments by Child Protective Services (CPS).

We are a non-profit, 501 (c)(3), organization providing “Trauma Blankets” to the children to decrease the anxiety at the time of the removal.  Each blanket will have Words of Affirmation affixed to the Blanket with the statement “Jesus Loves You” centrally located on the blanket.  These blankets will be available for the CPS workers to bring with them.  These Blankets provide physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to the child.  The softness of the flannel and weight of the Blanket provides physical comfort, emotional comfort is found in the words of affirmation, and the statement “Jesus Loves You” will provide spiritual comfort of a Savior they may not know but who loves them unconditionally and cares passionately for their well-being.

Blankets of Comfort Ministries is a faith based, Jesus Christ oriented ministry dedicated to providing these “Trauma Blankets” to provide comfort to each child as if Jesus Himself were holding the wounded heart of the child whispering words of Love, Hope, Peace, and Safety.