Our Story

I am a Christian. I believe in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am a nurse. I am a quilter. I have no children of my own but have always had a heart for children that are hurting. The LORD saw these pieces of me and wove them together to reach a need that was important to Him. Over the course of three nights in 2019 He told me what He wanted, how He wanted the blankets to be designed, and how He saw the formation of the Ministry.

I quickly realized that I could not do this on my own and recruited my friends to help. We made the initial ten blankets in 2019 and distributed them to a contact in Bowie County. Initially I thought this would be it, but once the initial blankets were distributed, I asked the LORD how many more I was to make; I heard a laugh. It seems I was thinking small and only what I, my family and friends could do. Over the course of the years, He has further defined the ministry and given a hint of what the future holds, and it is not what I can do but what WE can do for these children in need.

It is His heart and now our honor to use our gifts to develop a ministry that will reach any child in need, first in our county, then our state, then our nation. This cannot be accomplished by a single person or a group of people but will take a nation of people that have a heart to serve Our God and the children that He holds protectively in His hands.

Our prayer is that like minded people will join us in comforting these hurting children and show them that they are loved by the God of the Universe, that they are special to Him, and that His desire is to rescue them.